Earth First
Krista - Canadian - 16
Healthy Living appreciation blog
nature - food - fitness

I deleted on NOV 29/2012 when I had 60k followers because I wanted to focus on myself rather than the internet and now I'm back - and better.

"fitness queen"

running / cycling / swimming
gym 24/7 / yoga / hiking

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you delete before?
because I was criticized for my appearance on a daily basis through my ask and needed a break from the constant flow of negativity

Any questions concerning how I lost weight? 
I have made a separate page for this, click here.
I will answer every single question about weight-loss privately.

If you know me in person, do not message me.

I will not:

  • follow you upon request
  • promote you
  • rate your blog
  • tell you how many followers I have

I will:

  • check out your blog if you ask nicely
  • make a “like this and i’ll check out your blog” post upon request

Any questions about me - click here first